There’s word that an arrest warrant has being issued for Terrell Owens for failing to appear for a child support hearing. Owens is trying to have his child support payments modified since he’s currently out of work.

Owens said he missed the October 24 court date because he was holding public workout sessions for NFL teams interested in signing him. Not one NFL team was interested in him.

I have no sympathy for Terrell Owens.  I have been on the other side.  I raised my son as a single parent. We hope the other parent would be active in their son or daughter’s life.  I’m talking about on all levels especially financial.  When that doesn’t happen, you take them to court to get them to pay child support.

It’s never easy because most of the times they don’t want to pay.  As the parent caring for the child, you need some help to pay the bills and provide for them.  I have been in family court trying to get the person to pay child support. I know.  It’s usually the other way around. The process is not always easy but well worth it. We don’t do it for ourselves but for the child. Parents should step up and do the right thing.

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