According to Variety, Ariana was told she could perform a two-song medley. Naturally, she wanted to sing her latest single 7Rings and another song of her choosing. Apparently, producers of the show didn’t want her to perform 7Rings but felt they would compromise if they could choose the second song of her performance.

A source said that once Ariana was told by producers they’d be choosing her second song, she felt “insulted.” Apparently, the same restrictions were not required from other performers so Ariana basically said “Thank you, next!”

To add a little salt to the wound, Ariana also reportedly no longer has plans to attend the award show, despite being have 2 Grammy nominations! There’s no reports that have indicated why producers wanted her to skip out on 7Rings. As soon as the song was released it was met with mixed reviews, some fans felt she may have jacked Soulja Boy’s flow

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