There are many people in Buffalo that truly love going to a movie theater for movies, I know a few of them personally. I was a movie buff back in the days, but not so much anymore. I was surprised by all the new technology, from being able to buy your tickets ahead of time on an App to actually being able to assign seats. Things are starting to open up in Buffalo and I think that many of us are ready to get back to some of the things we normally do.

Credit: WIVB

The curfew has now been lifted for gyms, theaters, casinos, and more, now those businesses can stay open until 11 pm. Let's be honest, can you comfortably sit in a movie theater full of people right now? Although there are safety measures still being taken, I think it will be a long time before many people can go and sit to watch their favorite movie in a theater.

Billards and bowling alleys can now stay open later too. I have been in a few bowling leagues, let me tell you since the pandemic bowling is not the same fun activity it once was. In my opinion, unless your not a drinker it's nearly impossible to enjoy bowling without throwing a few drinks back. There are some local leaders that are pushing to get the curfew lifted past 11 pm on bars and restaurants, which would put them in line with the other places that are able to stay open.

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