There are a couple videos getting some traction of people "intentionally" creating traffic jams in Buffalo.  Are they real?

For the past two weeks, it appears as though someone has been intentionally starting traffic jams on one of the busiest highways in Buffalo.

Two weeks ago, a website posted a video of a traffic jam that looks as though it was intentionally started on the 33.  You can see multiple cars parked in the middle of the highway for a moment with people out of their cars walking up and down the road.

There wasn't any context to the video.  They never mentioned why there was a jam or if it was planned.  There was never a statement about if it was a protest or if someone was just pulling a prank to see if it could be done.  Also, there's no date on the video to prove that it's even a recent video.

Then...after this past weekend, they posted another one.

Obviously you have to ask if this is real and if it is, is this going to become a recurring thing?  Of course people still want to know why it's happening and how it's happened twice.

The main concern from people in the comments is that the 33 is a major route for emergency vehicles to get to hospitals in a hurry.  It's a valid point.  With ECMC, St. Joe's and Sisters hospitals all close, it could mean disaster if that road was plugged up and wouldn't allow ambulances to pass.

Someone asked why they didn't take the video and record license plates and start arresting people.  How can you do that unless you have plates from the people at the front of the line that started it?  You can't very well arrest someone who is just stuck in a traffic jam because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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