Lake Effect Snow Hits WNY

We all knew this day would come . The lake effect snow we all love to hate if you missed the on air weather reports today on 93.7fm wblk I saved the clip for you below so you can be prepared for this weather as you leave work.
Prankster on 198 Changed the Sign Again [PICTURE]
If you drive on the 198, you know those light up construction signs with the orange bulbs that you can change. They're supposed to let you know traffic updates and exit closings. Yesterday someone changed it – not anything bad but it said 'ITS ALL A DREAM'...
Where Is the New Lane Coming to The I-90 in Buffalo Going?
To reduce congestion on the I-90 the Thruway Authority plans to add to the auxiliary lane between the 33 and Cleveland Drive exists. This would allow drivers to get all the way to the 290 without having to merge over.
Neighbors that live along this stretch of the thruway, by law, will have the opport…
Protesters "Shut It Down" VIDEO
"Why can't they protest somewhere else"?
Some people are complaining about protestors blocking city streets, highways and train stations. Watch these videos and let me know what you think? Are you willing to be inconvenienced by the pursuit of Justice?