There are fewer things that make drivers shudder quite like red light cameras.

You know these cameras. They're the ones that snap record proof of you running through a red light, potentially leading to a ticket. And no one likes that.

However, these cameras, while installed to crack down on reckless driving, often have an unintended problem. They result in drivers stopping short, which can actually lead to more accidents.

That's only part of the story, though. Traffic cameras can cost cities millions because they have to pay companies to install, operate and maintain them. So, cities could ostensibly combat unsafe driving around lights with other options -- think longer yellow lights, more traffic signs, speed bumps or lights with borders to let drivers know when a light may change.

What do you think? Do traffic cameras help curtail accidents or is it a scam that comes at the expense of drivers and lead to worse driving on the roads?

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