Back in 1983, crack was first identified in Florida when it mesmerized the city of Miami. It then found its way to New York and within a few years spread into every inner-city neighborhood in America. This new drug was the talk on the lips of just about everyone. The local and national news on television and print was talking about this new drug that people were using to get high and it was very cheap and very addictive!

Then a few years later the experts and scientists after doing studies and research on the drug, began saying that expecting mother’s that used this drug were doing extreme harm to their babies and because there were so many (people) expecting mothers using crack, it was at epidemic levels and the sad part about it was that babies born to crack addicts would have all kinds of neurological, developmental, and emotional disruption problems. I remember some experts saying that the classroom settings would have total chaos from these “crack baby’s”.

I decided to blog about this subject this morning after reading a post that one of our facebook friends did a few days ago. The post was basically talking about today’s generation and how out of control it is and the altering of the DNA of the CRACK BABY. He was saying that because mothers who smoked crack cocaine during pregnancy, their baby’s DNA has been altered. Now I do not know of any scientific proof that a humans DNA can or has been altered during pre-natal development or not from mothers who smoked crack cocaine, I do know that classrooms are very disruptive and young men and women are doing things today that were unheard of when I was growing up.