Since statistics show COVID-19 affecting and claiming the lives of predominantly Black people, you would think that prostitution and illegal drug sales and usage would die down.  Both of these activities in inner cities, not only Buffalo, could be the reason there are more deaths and positive COVID-19 stats in innercity communities, due to the lack of social distancing and best practices.  You would agree that the reason there are certain directives in place is to prevent a deluge of deaths that cannot be controlled.

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Just imagine if there were no rules or mandates regarding social engagement during a pandemic.  How long would it take for people to see, on their own, that everyone is dying from "something"?  Maybe then people would stop playing games with theirs, and everyone else's, life.  There is another aspect of what's really going on in the inner cities, least in Buffalo, and especially on Broadway Street, that baffles the hell out of me.  Why was I driving down Broadway today to get some of Richards, Club 77,  D-to-the-Double-D - Licious ribs and witnessing, in broad daylight, at least three separate women, one of which was actually a man, get into trucks and a car that had pulled over to pick them up...for SEX?

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