A non-African-American co-worker brought this to my attention because she thought it was inappropriate (ad pictured above). I always wondered if it was just me...but now I know there's at least one other person who shares my sentiments regarding ads that promote STEREOTYPICAL FOOD ITEMS for sale during Black History Month.

I remember visiting one store a few years ago, during Black History Month, that prompted me to complain after seeing a "BLACK HISTORY MONTH FOOD SALE DISPLAY" featuring (of course) black-eyed peas, yams, greens, hog maws, chicken (for frying), macaroni & cheese and chitterlings (surprised the ad didn't say chittlins)...but where was the green salad, broccoli, tilapia and squash I was eating that night AND consume on a regular basis?

Maybe it's just me (and my co-worker)...maybe grits, greens, yams, macaroni & cheese and chicken are appropriate CELEBRATORY foods in recognizing "Our History"...but in my opinion, Black History Month is about PEOPLE...NOT FOOD!