As part of President Biden's American Jobs infrastructure plan, Amtrak would utilize federal funds to connect Albany to Boston.

It is kind of odd that you can't ride the rails from Albany to Boston. Considering the proximity, and the countless other railways that are in place, connecting the two cities via a train ride seems long overdue. I mean, we can take a train to Montreal but not Boston? It does not make sense! Based on a recent proposal by Amtrak, that connection which seems like a wicked smaht idea may finally happen.

Amtrak has revealed their "vision" for future rail connections, and Albany to Boston is a new one they would like to put into motion. The new plan would also enhance service to Buffalo, Montreal, and New York City. All of these improvements hinge on the approval of the President's full plan, which you can see on the White House website. The next step is getting a thumbs up on the plan from Congress, and CBS News says President Biden has assigned several of his cabinet members to get that approval.

So if this plan gets approved, when can you expect to ride the rails to Boston? According to the Amtrak plan, the improvements would be made over a 15 year period. So basically, this could be as far down the road as 2035. Which means that next trip you are dreaming about to Beantown? Do not put it on pause to wait for rail service.

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