Home break-ins are a concern, but usually the one unlawfully entering the home is human. Not in this case. One New York state woman was shocked to find that a wild turkey had broken into her home, and proceeded to wreck havoc in an upstairs room. Pix 11 says that the menacing bird crashed through a bedroom window of the home in Erie County, before wildly flying around, as it demolished mirrors and smashed into walls like there was no tomorrow.

The turkey was later cornered into a bathroom, and NY Department of Environmental Conservation officers were able contain it with a fishing net. DEC says that the bird acted alone, and was later set free with no charges filed. The officers were even nice enough to help the woman clean up the giant mess left behind by the big ugly ass bird.

Most may associate turkeys as simply a general nuisance (or perhaps, dinner), but they can be quite scary when a big flock of them take over a residential area. In late 2019, a large number of aggressive wild turkeys made life miserable in the town of Toms River, New Jersey, as witnesses said over 60 of the gobbling birds caused mayhem near the Holiday City senior living facility. The NY Post says the flock attacked people, and even broke through home windows and blocked traffic ion the streets Turkeys can become very territorial by later in the year, as the males squabble and fight amongst themselves to establish dominance.

In 2016, a mail man in New Jersey even had to call for help after his truck was surrounded by the angry birds. The man was reportedly trapped in his vehicle as multiple attempts to shoo the wild turkeys away proved futile.

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