WNY's very own company, Wegmans, which is headquartered in Rochester, has been voted America's Favorite Grocery Store! Check out the other stores on the list!

Prices For U.S. Food Staples Rise Steeply
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I can't lie, when I first moved to Buffalo, I was mesmerized by Wegmans!  It reminded me of Harris Teeter in NC and Publix in Florida, both really great stores. I am not surprised at all that Wegmans topped the list!

According to the BizJournals.com,

Wegmans not only received the highest score in the supermarket industry, it received the highest score in the entire Ratings – ranking 1st out of 318 companies across 20 industries.

Last year, Wegmans was tied with Publix, so this is great news for Wegmans fans! H-E-B and Publix tied for second place this time around, each with a score of 83%. Aldi, which I also shop at, tied with and Wawa Food Markets with 82%.

Top Ten Supermarkets:

  • Wegmans: 86%
  • H-E-B: 83%
  • Publix: 83%
  • Aldi: 82%
  • Wawa Food Markets: 82%
  • Trader Joe's: 81%
  • ShopRite: 81%
  • Save-a-lot: 80%
  • Food Lion: 80%
  • Meijer: 79%
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