I needed this Program when I was a High School Senior instead of being immediately thrown to the wolves.  I did have a 4-year handicap as I was only thrown into "The Real World" 1 /3 of the way...I went to college.  You're still not fully living life to it's fullest 'Adult' extent.  I ate in the Student Union, meaning I didn't have to cook or buy any food, there was no clock to punch or no job to lose if I was late for class.  I lived in a dorm which was included with tuition ... I was still SPOILED.

My Senior year experience, in terms of knowing anything about being an Adult, was nothing compared to that of some Lockport High Seniors' experience who took advantage of the 'Adulting 101' - 'Future Forward Seminar'.  The seminar afforded seniors an opportunity to learn lessons about buying their first car, buying insurance, cooking, and taking care of personal finances., according to a WGRZ News Story.

A teacher from Lockport, Megan Menges, shared this regarding the program:

"So kids are reaching the end of high school and even into young adulthood, not necessarily knowing some of the skills that we may have learned when we were young, and so that's why I feel that this is a necessary event, to hopefully at least touch the iceberg for them, give them a chance to see everything that's coming."


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