Every Week  I look to feature and interview a young mover and shaker  who embodies the “Go Getta Spirit” and is doing great things for the people and themselves  in the Western New York and Southern Ontario community. Having the the blessed opportunity of having my show  “The Go Getta Mix” I look to use my platform to acknowledge those people  as “The Go Getta of The Week”.  Check out this weeks Go Getta of the week!


Meet DeChantell Lloyd owner of Code Blu Juice Bar since 2010. When asked why Code Blu was created, what challenges did she face and what’s next for Code Blu this is what  DeChantell shared, here is Herstory in the making….

“I loved to travel and enjoyed having fresh made smoothies where ever I went. I would come home and crave the smoothies, fresh fruit and salads offered at juice bars in other cities.

Upon my return home I decided I was going to open my own juice bar, I was tired of not having this option and the convenience of someone making it for me.  So first thing I did was scout out a location, researched my business, then developed a business plan. I don’t suggest anyone do that, but I was head strong and knew this is what I wanted to do and the resources weren’t available to assist me.

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Throughout my journey I made mistakes, I trusted business people to deliver and they didn’t. It was a leaning lesson but I made it through.  Another thing I learned is the support for young entrepreneurs wasn’t out there.  I was turned around and down so many times because no one believed in me.  I strongly suggest any young person determined to start up a business keep at it and do your research.

So I finally get open January 17, 2012 in the winter selling smoothies, no coffee.  Who cares, this was my time to perfect my craft and get it right before the summer. What I did offer was soup and hot sandwiches. This was the perfect time for me to open, because I would have never expanded my menu for the summer has it been hot. I was forced to be creative. That I did...


My first summer was amazing, I employed three ladies worked another job.  Increased my network by building long term relationships on a brand that is new and anyone can benefit from what it has to offer.  Have I seen benefits? Absolutely, the personal benefit of being your own boss, being responsible for economic development, being an asset to your city and a community.

Next steps for Code Blu is to get the word out about poetry night, chess night, and book club and CBJB breakfast club.  I am planning now for the summer, as I planned in the summer for fall/winter.  I want to stay in the community I can only do this with support.  I encourage everyone to “Like” my Facebook page and follow me on twitter for more information.”

For more information check out Code Blu Facebook page at


Code Blu Juice Bar

23 Allen St

Buffalo N.Y. 1415

716 606 9803


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