Self-isolating and quarantining during the coronavirus global pandemic is forcing us all to come up with some interesting ways to stay entertained. Apparently, actress Rita Wilson is partially spending her time on lock-down spitting bars.

On Sunday (March 22), Wilson shared a new video to her Instagram page where we see her showing off her knowledge of a hip-hop classic. At the start of the clip, she's reading the book Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. In the background, Naughty By Nature's "Hip Hop Hooray" begins to play. Wilson notices the tune and, on cue, begins to flawlessly rap the entire track. Her fluency with the song is truly impressive.

She captioned the hilarious video, "Quarantine Stir Crazy. See it to believe it."

Rita and her husband Tom Hanks were recently released from the hospital after testing positive for the coronavirus in Australia earlier this month. It looks like the actress is doing well while on the mend.

As COVID-19 continues to be a world-wide issue, more and more entertainers have been diagnosed with the virus. Music producer Andrew Watt recently announced he contracted the virus and is taking steps to get well. Drake even had a scare after being in contact with Kevin Durant just days before the basketball player revealed he tested positive. Drizzy has since revealed he had himself tested and the results came back negative.

There has been at least one confirmed fatality in the hip-hop community. Go DJ Black N Mild died from the virus last week. He was 44.

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