I've been noticing the talent in upstate so we here at Power 93.7FM created a platform to spotlight the next superstar Queen City style. This week the “TALK OF THE TOWN” “716 SPOTLIGHT” comes this way from several parts of Buffalo N.Y, Good Neighbors Club. This Buffalo Entertainment Collective does a little bit of everything from fashion to music and everything in between. The age range from about 18-23ish, we talked about their movement and how it all started. We also talked about how the lost of a close friend to gun violence brought them closer to together and made them start to take their music more serious. We talked about the free shows they do , pop up shops , and them even acquiring their own venue. A couple of the fellows tapped that mic and free styled a little just to give you a sample of what they do. Clearly this movement is just getting started don't miss out.

Check out the interview and some of Good Neighbors Club's music below. #SupportUrOwn #UknoThaSteel #MommaImOnThaRadio

So who is the Good Neighbors Club? In their own words:

We're a brand, and an entertainment collective, we do shows, we sell merch...there's a couple videos on our Insta. To simplify it right there.


With so many members with different backgrounds and talents, it's unique that they've been able to come together.

Basically we all used to hang out, we used to freestyle, chill, smoke, whatever...we never rapped honestly, until probably 2016, 2015...had the studio at Buff State...

We all from Buffalo, so we all grew up together in different areas...majority of us from the east or the west side. The urban type of artistry has always been around us, but we really didn't rap. Just hang out, chill, probably play basketball before we rapped.


One of their group members was lost to gun violence at a very young age, and it sculpted how they came together, and inspired them to drive forward.

We had to keep on goin, man. That's what he wanted...we kinda feel like we let him down. Keep on pushin through, ya feel me?

It definitely motivated us, because he was goin hard.

Check Out Gu Razer - He was tragically murdered and his death turned out to be the glue to bring The Good Neighbors Club together.

More Visuals From The Good Neighbors Club



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