According to, Read to Succeed Buffalo has received three grants totaling $600,000 over three years from philanthropic organizations based in Western New York. Read to Succeed Buffalo has been a part of the community for a long time. The Foundation has a mission to connect people, ideas, and resources to help improve the lives of people here in Western New York.

One of the organizations that helped Reed to Succeed Buffalo is The Cullen Foundation with a $75,000 a year grant for three years for its AARP Foundation Experience Corps program. The Cullen Foundation serves residents in Eire County, the funding provided by this organization enhances the education of students in grades pre-K through 12 and advances theatre and the performing arts. Experience Corps is a program that trains retirees in tutoring and mentoring skills and then deploys them to mentor and tutor underperforming students in 1st through 3rd grades.

The generosity of these organizations lifts up the work of Reed to Succeed Buffalo and allows it to continue its positive impacts on the children and students it serves. The organizations all play a vital role in prioritizing financial support for those who need it; clearly making our city and region a better place with their focused investments.

said, Anne Ryan executive director for Reed to Succeed Buffalo.

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Programs like this in our community play a very important role in strengthening the skills of our young people, in my opinion. It's good to see these organizations step up to keep all the great programs going.

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