Ciara gave birth yesterday! Get the details including name, sex, weight and baby's first photo here!

Most likely Ci Ci had the new Michael Jackson playing in the delivery room yesterday
On May 19th 2014 Ciara gave birth to a baby boy named after his father! Future Zahir Wilburn weighs 9 lbs 10 oz. Now I know four "Futures". Check em out and see baby's first picture below.

1. Ed "Future" Wilson - Spoken word artist from Flint Michigan who I met my first year in radio.

2. The Future - the character in the movie 8 Mile (played by Mekhi Phifer) who's life story was loosely based on that of Eminem's real life best friend Proof (D12)

YouTube: 8 Mile
YouTube: 8 Mile

3. Future the rapper, who swept Ciara off her feet and will soon make her his bride.

4. And now little baby Future Wilburn!! (I wonder if he will wear dreads too)

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