It's consistently evident that women are the most avid Church-Goers and Gospel Concert & Music supporters.  It's probably because Christianity is an emotion-filled experience.  How could it be anything less when Christianity (a Belief in Jesus Christ) is literally felt deep within a person's Spirit. I know this first hand, having not been Saved all of my life.  Prior to Salvation, I was a TOTALLY different person.  When I gave my life to The Lord something happened...and for anyone reading this who believes it's all BS, I'll respect your opinion but will say that the extent to which I changed...pretty much overnight...was baffling to even me, not to mention my peers and fellow employees at the time noticing a drastic difference as if I were a new person.

With all that said, there are not many situations or opportunities whereas men are specifically targeted, in terms of TEACHING.  Teaching many times involves seeing or being exposed to a different view of things than you've ever been exposed to, and I can assure you that being in the presence of Men who are of theChristian Faith...or any Faith for that matter, can make a world of difference within a very short periods of time...even if it's simply a few minutes.  The few minutes out of your life you may considering giving tomorrow at Shea's as a part of the Festival of Praise  Texture of a Man, may just prove to be the change or answer you're looking for in your life.  Here's a video of what you WILL encounter:

I had the privilege of interviewing Pastor Donnie McClurkin to get his description of what the Festival of Praise: Texture of a Man is all about:






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