Say what??? Jim Carrey the man the myth the legend and one of the most popular members from "In living color". I remember when he did 'Fire Marshall Bill" which was so freaking funny. Know Jim wants to bring the show back.

This is what he told Entertainment Tonight

“That show really needs to happen! That show needs to exist,” Carrey told “Entertainment Tonight.” “Especially now, man. There’s so much to eat up and spit out so I’d love to see it reconstitute itself in another form.”

He also mentioned that he would love to work with all his former members such as Damon Wayans, Jamie Foxx, and David Allen Grier. Whew that show would be unreal. I wonder if they could have J-Lo come back as a 'Flygirl" and do some dancing. I really wish this would happen. Check out Jim Carrey as "Fire Marshall Bill" below.

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