I've been noticing the talent in upstate so we here at Power 93.7 FM created a platform to spotlight the next superstar Queen City style. The 716 Spotlight is brought to you by EZ Loan Auto Sales.

This week the “TALK OF THE TOWN” “716 SPOTLIGHT” comes from Lackawanna, N.Y. 21-year-old singer, actress, dancer, and songwriter Nellé came thru to chop it up with your boy SteelBoutMoney. We talked about her growing up in an r&b household with both parents in the industry. Her origins as a dancer, her musical influences and how she is redefining the definition of a pop star. Nellé even dropped off her brand new single "Can't stop starring" which you can check out below. Plus, a little birdie told me Brandy was Nellé favorite singer so we played "How Well Do You Know Brandy?". Check out the all shenanigans below as Power counties to push the culture forward in Western New York.

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Who are some of your musical influences?

Brandy, she is who I listen to all the time and also Aaliyah and that's where a lot of my  swagg comes from, a mixture of both of them.











We Talked about Nellé growing up with music in her veins.

I grew up in a real r&b household , my dad is lead singer for Kool & The Gang and my mom act, sing, dance everything. Basically everybody plays instruments or do music or somthing.


Where you always good at singing?

I really always been good at singing,... honestly, I really didn't start taking vocal lessons till I went to college.... & that's when I really seen my voice grow more.


What do you bring to the r&b game?

Funny thing is I dont label myself as an r&b singer. Im a mixture of r&b and pop. I feel like my sound is real pop but my voice is what makes it r&b. Let's Redefine what a pop star is. People look at pop stars and think Ariana Grande or Katy perry but we can be pop stars too.


Nellé - Can't Stop Staring

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