We asked Millz what his process was like for writing music, something that can be very different depending on the artist:

I usually make songs within an hour, I'm talking about hooks, verses--like that's just my thing...I get a beat, I like the beat, I put something on it, that's it. I call my man, "Yo bruh, I'm bout to come through."

When it comes to motivation to make music, Millz had another interesting take. He uses it as a form of therapy:

My brother died...what could I do but make a song about it? I didn't wanna cry every day...I didn't wanna be talking crazy, acting crazy, so I'm like "Let me put this into a song." I made a song telling the story about how my brother died--that song went crazy. Ever since then it's like--he would tell me to go hard. If you're gonna do it, do it all the way. We ain't gonna play with it, you feel me?




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