Not only has rapper 6ix9ine secured a 10-Million dollar record deal while in prison and what the streets call "snitching" on the stand in court, he has also reportedly secured a docu-series as well! I t seems Rolling Stone plans to take the standpoint of basically how a fake facade on social media and what's projected to the world can bring real harsh consequences in reality. Not sure if I'm feeling it yet, but they could be on to something!

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The Notorious BIG is gone but definitely not forgotten. It was announced this week that he has been nominated to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. He will be the 7th Hip Hop Act to be inducted if selected for the prestigious title. Good luck to the late and great B.I.G.!


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Kanye West has been traveling the country with his "Sunday Service", an unorthodox approach to religious Sunday services...definitely not the six hour, peppermint eating service you may have attended beside your grandmother back in the day. This week his trademark for the name "Sunday Sevice" was denied because it's already been registered...I can smell the lawsuit brewing already. Will this mean Ye will have to find a new name for his church service?