This is CREEPY!! Was there a serial killer loose in August 2014? There are 6 people listed as missing, all on dates fairly close together in August 2014, who are all between the ages of 15 and 30! Could one sinister person be behind their disappearances? This is a little too coincidental for me!

missing poster

Mariah Gladden: Age 23, missing since 8-10-14
Alexandre Archer: Age 30, missing since 8-11-14
Abdallahaman Noel: Age 22, missing since 8-11-14
Tiara France: Age 17, missing since 8-12-14
Jasmir Hill-Page: Age 16, missing since 8-15-14
Anthony Pilot: Age 15, missing since 8-18-14

If you have any info on any of these missing young people, please call Buffalo Police! My heart goes out to their loved ones, who haven't seen them or gotten answers in almost two years!!

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