On Tuesday Aug 12th 2014 six teenagers were shot in Buffalo. People in the Community know who the shooter is and needs to come forward with information to get him off the street! Details inside.

Around 3:30pm a fight broke out around Route 33 and Roosevelt Park in the Bailey-Kensington neighborhood. A man in his twenties started shooting into the crowd hitting four innocent bystanders. 14 year old Raymond Patterson III dies from his injuries.

Later that night on Shirley Ave two 17 year old teens were shot by another gunman. Ronnie Scot died from his injuries.

This morning Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown asked people in the community to come forward with information.

“There are people in the community who know exactly who that shooter is. We are asking for more people to come forward, so we can get that individual off the streets of the city. In fact, we are asking that individual to turn himself in.”

For the last few days we were outraged for Police killing our kids. And now we have someone in our own community killing our kids!! Where is the outrage?? If you have any information about these shootings please call the confidential tip line at 847-2255.

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