Parents do not I repeat do not, go out and over spend for back to school especially like 50 Cent’s son’s mother is trying to get him to do for their son. It seems that 50 Cent voiced his concerns recently about his son’s mother Shaniqua Thompkins calling him up and telling him that their son needs 20 pairs of sneakers for back to school. Apparently the boy has a school buddy that’s been bragging about getting 50 pairs of sneakers his father would be buying him soon; well, 50’s son decided to get him a middle man (his mother) to broker a deal with his father to get him 50 pairs of sneakers for school since he is on Forbes list of wealthy people.

Here is where I take issue with parents and students placing so much emphasis on material things that have nothing to do with being in school and learning. I do not care who your parents are and what they can afford; this type of behavior sends out the wrong message to other children and parents that are placing the emphasis on phantom objects that may cause them to go in debt especially if they cannot afford to keep up with the Jones!

Parents as we and our children get ready to head back to school, prioritize the things that are most important first that will benefit the child and make it easy on you as well. Yes, we all want nice things for our children, but please allow logical thinking to enter the equation so that you make the right decisions for yourself and your children and not regret it later by going in debt!