Stories like this makes me sad and it also makes my blood boil because where else is a 5 year old getting cocaine from on top of the parent feeling comfortable enough to use or leave it out around children? Hopefully this Father from Maryland learns this lesson of taking responsibility for all actions after being arrested from his son bringing cocaine to school.


The little boy must have had a taste before school because the energetic young boy showed the cocaine to his teacher, and said "he puts the powder in his mouth and it makes him “feel like Spider-Man.” Ironically the bag with the cocaine had pictures of spider man on it.

The child was taken to the hospital to be treated for drug abuse but check this out (the) police arrived to the place of residence of the father to discover him asleep with 38 bags of cocaine and 70 bags of heroin and another small child!


Safe to say both children are now in the custody of child services. 

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