Thousands Join March For Our Lives Events Across US For School Safety From Guns
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Young People were organized and driven to continue their quest for Gun Control and a change in the way we use and possess guns.  After 17 young people lost their lives at the hands of a shooter in Florida, a message among almost all High School age young people has been , ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

On the National Front, there was a surprise speaker, a direct descendent of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., his Granddaughter, Yolanda Rene King, gave a rousing 'Enough Is Enough' speech while mentioning her Grandfather's Dream along with Dream of her own.


Youth March for Our Lives Organizer Emma Gonzales, delivered an extremely moving speech including a long period of silence to make up 6 minutes and 20 seconds, the time it took for the Florida Shooter to end 17 young lives at Parkland High school in Florida.


The March for Our Live sMovement is not over, according to everyone involved and it's organizers, the March continues and you can become a part of it ... (Click the link below)



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