For some reason the USA is the only country who did NOT air the Opening Ceremony LIVE! Luckily, I have friends all over the world who helped me piece together the happenings so I can show you what our government might edit out when they finally air it tonight. Check out the play by play of this weird display inside!

First check out the China opening ceremony: (It will link you to YouTube To Watch it!)


The London Ceremony features Cows, Goats and Sheep! HUH? What is this some kind of petting zoo? Or maybe a scene set for a sacrifice!

My Facebook Friend Greg Wilson Writes:

Watching the Olympics opening ceremony on Radeon Player live and these people are freaked! Smoke stacks coming out of the ground, demons running around and bankers, and kids in hospital beds.


Check out the series of events happening at the London 2012 opening show
4m ago
Abide with me
The Olympics pay tribute to the war dead and the victims of the 7/7 terrorist attacks in London. This is a hushed, respectful, gently moving interlude; a pause for breath amid the frantic festivities.

14m ago
The culprit!
"Ladies and gentlemen, the inventor of the world wide web," announces the voice in the sky. "Sir Tim Berners-Lee!"

Thanks heavens for Sir Tim Berners-Lee, without whom there would not be this here liveblog of this here live Olympic opening ceremony. Where on earth would we be without him?

Please feel free to send all your complaints and hate mail to Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

Crushed by the wheels of industry

Smokestacks rear out of the ground. Factory workers pull on levers and miners crawl on their bellies. It is a time of dark satanic mills, a time of hardship and toil, all presided over by the perpetually grinning Kenneth Branagh.
Now here come the suffragettes. They are brandishing placards and marching to glory. All of a sudden Sir Isambard Caliban Branagh doesn't look quite so pleased with himself and this, I feel, can only be a good thing.

'Be not afeared'

Here comes Kenneth Branagh. He hops out the carriage, immaculate in the garb of a Victorian gentleman. It turns out that he is reciting Caliban's speech from The Tempest while disguised as Isambard Kingdom Brunel. I'm confused.

It seems that this bit is a celebration of the industrial revolution, but Branagh has me bemused. He's like a rattlebag of British cultural references out there. I'm now half-expecting Kate Winslet to come out dressed as Sid James and start crooning her way through All You Need is Love.


"And was Jerusalem builded here, among those dark satanic mills? sings a lone choirboy, before a gaggle of other singers segue into Danny Boy (perhaps a wry reference to the event's creative director?). A horse-drawn carriage trundles about the fringe of the stadium and hey-presto we're back to Jerusalem again with its arrows of desire and chariots of fire.

Let the ceremony begin ...

London 2012 officially gets underway with a whistle-stop montage of everyday life in the British isles, darting from cricket greens to scurrying geese to the London Eye to the thunderous opening bars of the Clash's London Calling and a sneering snippet of John Lydon singing God Save the Queen. And with that, we have touchdown. We land, slap-bang in the centre of the Olympic stadium as the balloons pop and Bradley Wiggins takes to the stage, resplendent in his yellow jersey.



Previously posted 7/17/12

A 2010 Rockefeller Foundation document entitled “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” outlines a scenario which results in the death of 13,000 during the 2012 Olympics. FYI the Rockefellers and Rothchilds are the two "Royal Families" that control the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England. It is not surprising that they would "predict" and further initiate a massive attack like this in order to further control the masses. Look at what they did to the Financial Center of the World on 9/11 and shortly after the "Patriot Act" was signed into law!

The cabal, Illuminati, Dark Ones or whatever you want to call the powers that be, are so arrogant, they often flaunt their evil plans right in front of us. Check out these 2012 Olmypic Ads!





Want more info? Watch at least the first 15 minutes of this movie

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