We all know the story around these parts.  Four dominant seasons, that all ended with Super Bowl losses.  Those teams had several Hall Of Famers on their rosters.  But a new NFL meme shows the 90's Bills no respect.

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In the 1990s, the Buffalo Bills were an NFL powerhouse.  From 1990-to 1994 they racked up a 49-15 record, took home three AFC East Championships, and four straight AFC Championships.  Those team's rosters housed a bevy of Hall-of-Fame Players.

So when you think of the great players of the 90s, one would think that several Buffalo Bills would come to mind.  Especially from the high-flying run and shoot offense side of the ball.  But, a new NFL meme, asking you which 1990's offensive stars you would pick for your squad, seems to have forgotten about the Buffalo Bills, except for one.

The meme asks you to pick one player from each position; Quarterback, Running Back, two Wide Receivers, and a Tight End.  But when you scan your choices, you will notice that only one Buffalo Bill from the 1990s made the cut, Running Back Thurman Thomas.

Let's break it down by position.

Quarterback: Sure, the 5 choices are all in the Hall of Fame.  But a strong case could be made for Jim Kelly to replace Troy Aikman here.  The career stat lines are as follows:

Aikman: Record - 94-71, Comp % - 61.5, Yards - 32942, TDs - 165, INTs - 141

Kelly :Record - 101-59, Comp % - 60.1, Yards - 35467, TDs - 237, INTs - 175.

Wide Reciever: 5 solid choices again, but Hall-of-Famer Andre Reed's numbers easily give Rod Smith a run for the money.

Smith: Receptions - 849, Yards - 11,489, TDs - 68

Reed: Receptions - 951, Yards - 13,198, TDs - 87

Tight End:  Sure the Bills don't have a Hall-of-Fame tight end from the 90s, but Pete Metzelars' career stat line is nearly identical to that of 49er Brent Jones.

Jones: Receptions - 417, Yards - 5,195, TDs - 33.

Metzelars: Receptions - 383, Yards - 3,686, TDs - 29.

So, while the Bills never did win that elusive Super Bowl title in the 90s, they had some outstanding players.  And three of them could easily be included in this meme.

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