This has got to be one of the most disturbing stories of a family dealing with a daughter that takes the life of another sibling.

Tyaisa Jackson confessed to stabbing her two year old sister and will now be charged as an adult!

According to other children that were in the house at the time, Tyaisa was upset with her little sister because she thought that she would tell her parents about an older boy that was hiding in the house; and what she did next was beyond words.

She made all the children that were in the house go upstairs except her 2-year-old sister, and then stabbed her near the back door (where she wandered out into the back yard), she then cleaned the blood up, changed clothes, and began the search outside with everyone else for her little sister.

She called authorities later that night and confessed to the murder. She rejected a plea deal on Wednesday and will now serve life in prison.