120,000 Dollars Shows Up In Your Account, What Are You Going To Do With It? WELL I can tell you what not to do with it...NOT SPEND IT lol. I wish I could say the same for Robert and Tiffany Williams 2 Pennsylvania natives who tried to keep $120,000 that was accidentally deposited into their account.

How The Money get there you ask?, Well The Teller mistakenly deposited the money That was suppose to be for an Investment grouping The Williams account. Now if I seen 120,000 sitting in my account....Im not even. going to say much because I know. scammers and they would have had a field day lol. But this couple is unique they spend close to the full 120,000 in the matter of two and a half weeks.


15,000 went to a down payment on a. 2015 chevy traverse ( that should have bought the car out). of course bills A brand new. $4500 camper and of course they helped their friends out.

Of Course the bank found out and created an overdraft of 107,416 and attempted to contact the couple but those attempts were falls. and eventually the authorities were brought into the situation.

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