Marijuana is still illegal in New York State, there are still many people with a difference in opinion when it comes to rather the drug should be legal or not. According to WIVB, the Border Protection officers seized 1070 LBS. of marijuana at the Lewiston  Cargo Facility.

Credit: WIVB

Border and Customs Protection officers at the Lewiston Bridge got quite the surprise when they examined a commercial shipment that was supposed to be carrying cardboard. There have been a few attempts to get drugs over the border. Back in January, the U.S Border Patrol sized Almost 1,000 pounds of marijuana.

According to WIVB, A canine search of the truck and trailer revealed vacuum-sealed bags within the pallets of cardboard and the Customs Border Patrol officers found 973 packages of marijuana, which has an estimated street value of over $ 2 million dollars.

Port of  Buffalo officers continue to remain vigilant and enforcement -focused through these unprecedented times. These efforts have again led to another impressive seizure, keeping dangerous narcotics out of our communities.

said, Acting Buffalo Port Director Gaetano Cordone, according to WIVB

Credit: WIVB

The Buffalo Field Office covers 16 ports of entry throughout New York State. There have been over 1500 drug seizures since March. I'm not sure how legalizing marijuana could possibly help stop attempts to smuggle the drug over the border, but it should be considered.

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I know of many people that use marijuana for medical and recreational use so it could be helpful to make a new law.

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