When you think of R&B singers, soft, lovey-dovey, baby-making tunes come to mind. Although some of your favorite singers may belt out lyrics centered on the sexy, sappy and sweet, much like some of your favorite rappers, they showcase their bad side every now and then and break the law.

Grammy-nominated R&B singer Angie Stone is one of them. Last week, she was arrested and charged with aggravated assault after a physical altercation caused her to knock out several of her 30-year-old daughter Diamond's teeth.

But Stone isn’t the first singer to have issues with her relatives. New Jersey native Mario had a nasty run-in with his mother while Kyle Norman of Jagged Edge turned on his fiancee. While some artists find themselves in unfortunate situations with police due to domestic disputes, other singers' actions behind the wheel or with drugs caused them to be placed in handcuffs.

From R. Kelly’s shocking child pornography scandal to Chris Brown's darkest domestic violence moments and more, we go inside 10 Most Shocking Arrests in R&B.

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