Let's state the facts: hip-hop is the most trendsetting genre. When something happens in hip-hop culture, the world hears it, sees it and more often than not, embraces it. Over the last 40 years since hip-hop was established in the '70s, rappers have pushed their fashion, phrases, bling, vacation destinations and more into the mainstream.

Back in the '80s break dancing, oversized gold chains and Kangol hats were everywhere. By the '90s, hip-hop was evolving as rappers went from collecting Cuban link chains to dazzling diamond pendants. Let's not forget how the Notorious B.I.G. helped boost Versace silk shirts and Coogi sweater sales every time he stepped out donning the designer threads. Patchwork denim and of course Tommy Hilfiger's red, blue and white ensembles were also staples of the era.

But not all trends can last the test of time. Thank goodness shiny leather suits and embellished tank tops are no longer a thing, right? Now don't go rummaging through your storage for that vintage Baby Phat tank. While some fads had a short run, others are still around artists turning against them. Baggy jeans are everywhere even though Jay Z (and a host of others) decided to "Change Clothes." While long white-T's were once the wave along with velour suits, they're better left for Halloween costumes.

These days, there are hip-hop trends that seem to saturate every aspect of your life -- from a conversation with friends to the moment you open your computer to surf the internet. You might say "I'm over it" but there's no hiding from these staples in hip-hop at the moment. Check out 10 Hip-Hop Trends You Can't Escape.

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