It never seems right seeing some of your favorite players in another uniform.  They become part of the family here in Buffalo.  So when they leave, it never looks right seeing them play somewhere else.

It feels like they're cheating on you.  But it isn't necessarily their fault.  If a team decides to move on from a player, they have two options.  They can call it a career...or they can play for another team.  Steven Hauscha getting cut this week got me thinking about how sad it's going to be to see him on another team next year.  I really liked having him here in Buffalo.

So I made a list.  This list isn't players who retired.  Sure, it broke our hearts to hear that Kyle Williams was leaving, and the day that Eric Woods had to retire but they haven't put on another uniform since then.  These players all went on to play for another team and it just never looked right on them...

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