What Qualities In A Man Would Make Him A Better Father?


Last week on Know Thyself Community Wednesday we searched for the qualities in a woman that would make her a better mother; and your response Buffalo was exceptional. Whether you know it or not, we exist in this reality on one of the most important principles known to man and that is “balance” or what our ancestors referred to as Ma’at in ancient times.

So this week we are turning our attention to the woman’s opposite because she cannot exist without man, positive cannot exist without negative, right cannot exist without left, light cannot exist without darkness, and these are known as principles of duality. If they are not operating in harmony with each other the principle is out of balance. You cannot have one without the other and as we turn our attention to the family in our community, we find that in most cases the male principle is missing, therefore we see why the family is so dysfunctional and out of balance and in chaos most times.