I'm sure you've heard by now that Bill Cosby was arrested today and released on $1 million dollar bond. He's been charged with an alleged sexual assault that took place in 2004 with a woman named Andrea Constand.

Constand said Cosby was a mentor and friend to her before he "urged her" to take pills and drink wine which left her unable to reject his sexual advances. Constand says she was in a relationship with a woman when the incident too place and Bill Cosby ignored her requests

The District Attorney's office in Pennsylvania released a statement saying "Upon examination of all the evidence, today we are able to seek justice on behalf of the victim". The statue of limitation to charge Bill Cosby runs out in January 2016.

Cosby says that what took place between him and Andrea Constand was consensual.

Tonight Topic question is : Was it necessary to arrest Bill Cosby after all these years?