Drake On SNL – Highlights
SNL - Drake & Jay Pharoah 'Weekend Update' 2016
SNL-Drake's Beef
SNL-Black Jeopardy with Drake
SNL - Drake 'Sexy Kinda Evening with Dennis Walls & The Cookies'
SNL Takes on the #OscarsSoWhite Controversy, Nails It
When the 2016 Oscar nominations were announced nearly two weeks ago, the response to the overwhelmingly white line-up of talent proved instantly controversial. Film fans and industry veterans alike gathered around the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag to make their voices heard, especially decrying how films s…
SNL 40: The Best Moments From the Big Anniversary Special
The SNL 40th Anniversary Special had a LOT going on. It was over three hours of comedy and music and stars and tributes all packed into one night. With so much going on, if you missed something, we can't say we blame you. We've covered the big items, like Celebrity Jeopardy, Jimmy Fallon a…
Is Nicki Minaj The New Role Model for Black Women! [VIDEO]
Let's see... there was Shirley Chilsolm, Barbara Jordan, Michelle Obama, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Maya Angelou, Cicely Tyson ... High Profile Black Women who portrayed an image of Class, Strength & Beauty.
Today the Black Female Role Models represent Class, Strength & Be…
Nicki Minaj Plays Beyonce & Kim Kardashian On SNL [VIDEO]
Nicki Minaj was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this weekend and showed off her acting skills as she played the roles of Beyonce & Kim Kardashian in a couple skits. The Hip Hip Nativity scene also featured cameos by Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Rick Ross, Eminem and baby Yeezus! Peep the…

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