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Talk About Whatever’s On Your Mind-KTSCW
There is so much going on in our community, America, and the world right now that choosing one single topic to talk about was a challenge. Of course there is the ongoing Trayvon Martin case where now George Zimmerman is missing in action with no legal representation and he has even gone on record as…
How Do We Take Back Our Community? KTSCW
How Do We Take Back Our Community?
A “community” is a body of people that have common history, common language, common desires and common pains. At one time we were a community…even after the worst days of slavery, even after coming out of severe brutality, deprivation, and being made …
Our New Village [AUDIO]
First off, I would like to thank everyone that showed support for the Know Thyself Community Wednesday topic – entitled How Do We Return To The Practice Of The African Proverb: “It Takes A Village To Raise A Child”?
There were a lot of great comments...

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