How Do We Get the Balance Back to The Male/Female Relationship?


There was a brother who called in this morning and suggested that we have a discussion today about the black male female relationship and how we as men can begin to work on our relationships with our women. I thought this was a great topic of discussion since we are coming to the end of the year and it would be something for all of us to think about as we get closer to a brand new year and maybe kick start the year off right with something positive.

As you may or may not know I really try hard to research the history and culture of African people so that I may have a better understanding of what has happened to us and how we might be able to begin to fix some of the many issues that we are faced with in this country and around the globe.

Our-Story is very important to us and when I say our story I mean just that, our-story from the very beginning! Just ask yourself: who am I? Where in the world am I? And how in the world did I get here? In order to get to the root of these three questions, you have to go all the way back to the very beginning…

We live in a society that that tells us what to think and how to think—kind of like what religion does for some people. Which brings me to the first recorded holy family of Auset (Isis), Ausar (Osiris), and Heru (Horus)…Now we all know that in order for a mother to become a mother she has to have a male partner…In other words, it is completely impossible for a child to be born into the world without one or the other; it is what we call the law of opposites, you cannot have one without the other and expect to have balance in your life, family, society and the world. The woman has been removed from the very beginning of modern day biblical teachings and replaced with a spirit.

One of the biggest reasons why we see so much chaos in our families, society, and the world is because we are out of balance with the feminine principle and the matrilineal system.