Bus Driver

Bus Driver Snaps On Students [Viral Video]
A school bus driver in was placed on leave after a video of her shouting at students went viral. Watch the scene unfold and let us know if it's the bus driver or students that should be punished here.
Uppercutting Bus Driver Faces Criminal Charges
So I was trying to stay away from this trending topic, because I really am not about violence, but I can't wait to report to you the latest news in the case of the Bus Driver in Cleveland who hit a female passenger with a Mortal Combat style uppercut! Not one but BOTH of them are now facing mis…
Woman Who Was Knocked Out By The Bus Driver Speaks [VIDEO]
If you missed the BIGGEST thing on the net this weekend an elderly bus driver delivered a mean punch to a young lady who was attacking him while he drove his bus. Artis Hughes, 59, hit the web and now the victim, Shidea Lane is publicly speaking out for the first time...
The UPPERCUT Heard Around The World [VIDEO]
If you have been under a rock, or not on the on the internet in the past couple of days. There was a video where a bus driver in Cleveland knocked a disrespectful teenage girl out.
So who was at fault in this situation ? Did the bus driver go to far by giving this girl a Ryu from street fighter ty…