A school bus driver in was placed on leave after a video of her shouting at students went viral. Watch the scene unfold and let us know if it's the bus driver or students that should be punished here.


Kids today are crazy! So when a group of Bolton high school students started acting up on the ride home. This female driver pulled over and kicked all the kids off the bus and let them know who is in control!! Of course the incident was captured on a cell phone footage and uploaded to YouTube.

You can hear the driver talking loud, cursing and telling the students to handle their business. Fox 13 spoke to parents who were shocked by the language the driver used.

"That's ridiculous, I mean that's not the proper way to handle students," Bolton High School parent Gayant Mengistu said.

She was immediately placed on administrative leave.

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I can understand that the school wants to please the parents by taking action against a driver who was seemingly out of line for swearing & shouting at their children. But the situation could have been a lot worse. Someone could have got physically hurt if the tension escalated on the bus and the driver did nothing!

Check out what the driver wrote on her Facebook page about the video.


After receiving thousands of comments from people worldwide supporting the bus driver for handling the situation the way she did, Durham School Services released this statement:

School bus drivers play a critical role in the education of our students; the job can be challenging and requires drivers to make quick decisions to protect the students entrusted in their care. The driver involved in last Friday's incident will return to her route duties. Upon review of the incident, it is clear that she handled the potentially volatile situation as she best saw fit to keep all of the students safe. She will receive student management refresher training and will be back on route April 6th. We are very glad our driver was able to bring resolution to the issue and stop a fight from occurring. We thank the nearly 1,000 team members we have in Shelby County working every day to get students to school safely, on time and ready to learn.

YES! Score one for doing the right thing!! She will be back to work on Monday !!

Watch the whole video and then tell us what you would have done if you were the bus driver in this situation @937wblk @JazzyTOnAir