King County Metro bus driver Dennis Echols, 61, was fired from his job after he beat up
23-year old passenger Ethan McKinney for spitting on him. Echols had reached the end of his route and had been trying to rouse McKinney when the confrontation between the two turned violent, leading to Echols striking McKinney with a eight pound rubber wheel block and then hitting him repeatedly after pinning him against a bench.

Rules for drivers state, “you must never engage in a physical encounter with anyone except to defend yourself from a direct physical attack where you have good cause to believe that personal physical harm or injury may result.”

Echols and McKinney were both later charged with fourth degree assault. I still don't understand why this man was fired and charged with anything. We live in a society where people think they can do anything to you and there are no consequences.

This man defended him self from in my opinion the ultimate form of disrespect (spitting), and now he is being punished for it. I also have a problem with the woman at the end condemning the man for defending him self.

Even though I would have probably called the police from the jump, in 2013 it is not worth losing your job over stupid people. I feel sorry for the driver I hope they give him a nice pension package.