I spent my Birthday Weekend at the amazing Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino in Niagara Falls recently and could not have chosen a better "GETAWAY"!!!  I would recommend ANYONE & EVERYONE to visit ASAP!!!!!

Although I lost playing the Slots, I had Fun losing; because of all the things there were to do aside from playing the "games".

I saw a PHENOMENAL BAND called Shining Start, who did an Earth, Wind & Fire Tribute and "KILLED IT"

Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino

...there';s also THUNDER FALLS .. the newly renovated Buffet where the food is MOUTH-WATERING DELICIOUS....and I got a discount because I was there on a Friday!!!

Seneca Niagara Casino

Then there was the PHENOMENAL HOTEL ROOM!!!!  OMG, the view of the Falls (Canadian Side) from the Suite was nothing short of UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino

Thank you Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino for a WONDERFUL TIME & GREAT BIRTHDAY!!!!