How do we Redefine Black Manhood in Our Community??


From The Black Male Handbook

  1. Find a mentor. Choose a family member, a teacher, a professor, a coach, someone in your professional field, or someone in your community who is knowledgeable about race and culture. Learn from him or her, and do not be intimidated to ask questions. Older, established people often love to share their knowledge and expertise when asked. Over come your fears about approaching an older person, and ask them to be your mentor.
  1. Read strategically. Reading helps you to expand your mind and develop your consciousness. Reading also strengthens your vocabulary and sharpens your critical thinking skills.

Be self-reflective. Think deeply about your own life experiences and the choices that you’ve made. Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses and commit to becoming a better, healthier man. Keep yourself open to constructive criticism. Do not get defensive when people challenge you about your flaws or “issues.” Use criticism as a way to grow.

Honor yourself. Give yourself your own best advice and listen to your instincts. Be who you are and don’t just conform to what others think you should be. Trust that you know what’s right for yourself, your family, and your loved ones.

Use your voice. Speak up when you see behavior that is immoral. Do not remain silent in the face of male abuse. Be creative and strategic about how to confront them. Protect yourself from getting in harm’s way, but make sure you do something as opposed to doing nothing at all.

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