Will this become the 'New Norm' regarding 'tying the knot'?

Governor Andrew Cuomo has been very bust lately dealing with the onset of COVIID-19 in New York State, especially New York City, but he wasn't too busy to make another announcement relative to the pandemic...and it was good news.

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According to Vogue, Cuomo announced that Zoom Weddings are now legal in NYC.  This is what he said, according to the news article:

'I am issuing an Executive Order allowing New Yorkers to obtain a marriage license remotely and allowing clerks to perform ceremonies via video conference.'

Here's an example of a pretty big Zoom wedding, at least by Zoom standards:

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This 'new normal wedding' could be a money saver also as traditional weddings can be very costly.  Vogue quoted one bride's comment:

“We keep joking that after having spent so much time, effort, and money on a traditional wedding, this felt just as special as how I imagine a traditional wedding would have felt,” she says. “[It] allowed us to focus on what really matters!”

Here are some more 'new normals':

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