Young Thug has the internet abuzz with a photo he recently posted to his Instagram story that appears to show him taking lean intravenously.

The photo shows a person's arm hooked up to an IV drip that contains and purplish fluid. "Fuck a double cup I wanna feel it faster," he captioned the pic. It is unclear if Thugger was actually doing the deed or just cappin' for IG, but that didn't stop people on Twitter who weren't exactly feeling the Atlanta rapper's post to speak out.

Many people were puzzled and asserted that the method would lead to the rapper's demise. One Twitter user noted, "Outta all my years in Houston , where niggas drink Lean religiously ..have I EVER seen someone put it in their IV. Young thug gone die."

A number of fans were seriously worried about Thugger's health. "Wtf u doing bro @youngthug please don’t die," another person posted. Some only saw it as a face-value flex. "Your mcm thinks young thug is actually taking promethazine intravenously," someone else added about the matter.

Real or not, many folks were not feeling the whole idea of glorifying the drug to that extent. "Young Thug pumping lean in his arm through an IV? The addiction epidemic is glorified now so it’s not seen as a problem anymore until someone dies. This. Is. A. Huge. Fucking. Problem," another Twitter user injected.

Drugs and hip-hop have become a hot topic recently, with the passing of Lil Peep and Russ' shirt causing controversy. Fredo Santana recently suffered from medical complications reportedly due to his lean usage. Santana has contemplated going to drug rehab. Wiz Khalifa recently called the drug lame in a quick Internet vent.

Check out Thugger's post and what people had to say about it below.

See People React to Young Thug Posting a Picture of What Appears to Be a Lean IV

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