If you're a rap fan, you've heard the countless comparisons between the sounds of an artist like Future and Young Thug. So it's not surprising that there would be some debate surrounding Metro Boomin's recent praise for Future's mixtape success and how he's knocking other rappers for "putting out five tapes in a year." Young Thug is adding his two cents to the conversation and giving Metro a piece of his mind.

On Monday, Metro Boomin sounded off on Twitter, expressing his disdain for artists releasing music of no quality. "Everyday I wake up, new mixtapes are falling out of the sky.. I think we all know where the trend came from lol," he tweets. "Moral of the story is, putting out 5 tapes in a year won't make you heat up like Future. That was just his path. It's not for everyone."

Thugger wasn't feeling Metro's subliminal tweets and called him out for his sentiments. "Hey @MetroBoomin who u referring to ????" Young Thug tweets. "Put some names on that s--- lil boy @MetroBoomin."

He continued by referring to himself as the late King of Pop while "he," who is probably pointed at Metro Boomin, is another Jackson 5 member. "A n---- music couldn't ever sound nowhere near mines.... ((IM MICHEAL)) he's ((TITO))," he posts on Twitter.

The Slime Season 2 creator then finishes his rant by tweeting, "It's ok to ride a n---- d---, but don't agitate another one lil n----."

And for those thinking that Young Thug is taking shots at Future, he clears the air. "I have nun in the world against future I listen to his music His music makes me happy and I hope he continues to bless me and others with it," he states.

Young Thug and Metro Boomin have worked together in the past, so this could be a case of miscommunication. But the producer's words obviously struck a nerve with Thugger, who just released another mixtape, Slime Season 2, after dropping the first in the series in September.

Is this all just mixed messages or is Metro pointing fingers at Young Thug? Guess we'll just have to wait and see what the producer has to say to Thugger's remarks.

Check out all of their tweets below.

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