I never  understood what made the back seat so safe that you didn't need to buckle up. Wherever I go it doesn't matter, if Im in the back seat, I always buckle up especially in Ubers. I'm kind of glad that a bill passed in the New York State Senate Wednesday which would make it mandatory for any person over the age of 16 to wear a seat belt while a passenger in the back seat of a vehicle. Its just a matter of time before the police starts passing out those tickets.

"The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in fatal crashes, 76% of vehicle occupants who were totally ejected from the vehicle were killed. In 2007, only once percent of the occupants reported to have been using restraints were totally ejected from the vehicle, compared with 319& of the unrestrained occupants. As a result, safety experts believe that the use of a rear seat belt could prevent over two thirds of fatalities and serious injuries resulting from motor vehicle crashes. Therefore, this legislation seeks to reduce automobile accident fatalities and casualties by requiring all occupants of a motor vehicle to buckle up."

Check out the full Bill l here.

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